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LXDAO is formed by a group of Web3 buidlers who enjoy building high-quality valuable Web3 products. We believe that in ten years, there will be one billion people using Web3 technologies, products and ideas every day. Therefore, as a pioneer, we will use the Web3 approach to buidl and maintain projects to promote the development of Web3.

Our outputs include but are not limited to commercial projects, open source projects, public goods and performance art, etc. We also want to create a sustainable circular economy so that LXDAO can continue to operate.

Member Type

LX Buidler

LX Builders are the most important members of the LXDAO community. They are responsible for buidling and maintaining the LXDAO projects. Therefore, you need to submit an application.And the Onboarding committee will review and vote on your application. After onboarding, you will get a Buidler SBT Card for free which cannot be transferred.


Coming Soon

LX Community Member

NOT OPENED YET. LX Community members are the users or fans of the LXDAO projects. As a member of the community, members will receive benefits from LXDAO projects, for example, VIP privilege for free, airdrop, whitelist, early access, etc. Anyone can purchase LX Community member NFT, a PFP NFT with extra benefits. You can sell or transfer it later.


Coming Soon

How to become a LX Buidler


Submit your application by clicking the "Start your Application" button below. ⬇️


The Onboarding committee will review your application. And vote. It takes 2-5 days.


1v1 onboarding session after your application is approved. We will help you get started in LXDAO.


Join the community, find the projects you want to build. Let's buidl together!

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