LXDAO is formed by a group of Web3 buidlers who enjoy building high-quality, valuable Web3 products. We believe that in ten years, one billion people will be using Web3 technologies, products, and ideas daily. Therefore, as a pioneer, we will use the Web3 approach to buidl and maintain projects to promote the development of Web3.
Our outputs include but are not limited to commercial projects, open-source projects, public goods, and performance art, etc. We also want to create a sustainable circular economy so that LXDAO can continue to operate.
LXDAO wants to attract people who want to build conscientiously in any role. Whether you are a programmer, designer, artist, operation, or product manager, we welcome you to join us.
In LXDAO, you can buidl many Web3 projects with like-minded buidlers in a Web3 way, increase your Web3 experience, get paid and/or LXPoints, and make many good friends.

How to contribute?

!!IMPORTANT: We are refreshing the onboarding process, before proceeding with the onboarding process, it's crucial that you contact Marcus by first to add your address to the website.

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