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LXDAO is an


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in Web3

A solution on supporting valuable Web3 Public Goods and Open Source sustainably.
A solution on supporting valuable Web3 Public Goods and Open Source sustainably.

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Our Mission

Supporting valuable Web3 Public Good and Open Source sustainably.


How does LXDAO work?


Everything starts from an idea. It comes from the internal and external of the LXDAO Community, it can be proposed by developers, product designers, operations, musicians, and anyone, it can be small or big. Of course, it must be meaningful and valuable to Web3.

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Your vote is very important to LXDAO. To polish the idea and project, to make a fair rewards distribution, and to make sure LXDAO is doing something meaningful and valuable in Web3! (Only LXDAO Buidlers can vote)

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It's time to get your hands dirty! Find the project you are interested in, and let's work together!

Rewards allocation

Sustainability is an essential part of LXDAO's mission. At this stage, due to the limited DAO treasury, we will try to apply for external grants, donations, and investments for projects first. If we cannot get them, we will use LXPoints as PoW for you for now and convert them into tokens or fiats later.


We buidl good, valuable, and useful things. If you have a perfect idea want to become true, please write a proposal first.


Welcome to Join Us, let's buidl more valuable Web3 products together!
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